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Wix::Extensions::SystemTools::DeleteFile Class Reference

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string Id
string File
YesNoType DeleteOnInstall
YesNoType DeleteOnUnInstall
YesNoType CheckIfExists

Detailed Description

May be nested under Product, Module, Fragment. Deletes a file outside of component rules.

<Wix ... xmlns:AppSecIncSystemTools="">
 <Product ...>
  <AppSecIncSystemTools:DeleteFile Id="test1" File="[INSTALLLOCATION]OldFile.txt" DeleteOnInstall="yes" CheckIfExists="yes" />

Member Data Documentation

Check whether a file exists before deleting it. If CheckIfExists is "no" and the file doesn't exist, the custom action will fail.

Delete a file at install time.

Delete a file at uninstall time.

Name of the file to be deleted.

Identifier for the file deleted operation (primary key).

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