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Wix::Extensions::SystemTools::CopyFile Class Reference

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string Id
string Source
string Target
YesNoType CopyOnInstall
YesNoType CopyOnUnInstall
complextype Overwrite

Detailed Description

May be nested under Product, Module, Fragment. Copies a file outside of component rules.

<Wix ... xmlns:AppSecIncSystemTools="">
<Product ...>
  <Component Id="ProductComponent" ... >
   <File Id="test1" Name="test1.txt" src="test1.txt" />
   <File Id="test2" Name="test2.txt" src="test2.txt" />
 <AppSecIncSystemTools:CopyFile Id="test1" Source="[#test1]" Target="[#test1] (Copy)" CopyOnInstall="yes" />
 <AppSecIncSystemTools:CopyFile Id="test2" Source="[#test2]" Target="[#test2] (Copy)" CopyOnInstall="yes">

Member Data Documentation

Copy file at install time.

Copy file at uninstall time.

Identifier for the file copy operation (primary key).

Specifies the overwrite behavior when the target file exists. One of yes, no, error.

Name of the source file to be copied.

Name of the output target.

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