Wix::Extensions::CommonUi Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Windows Installer XML CommonUi Extension

Provides a set of dialogs that are commonly used in AppSecInc product installers.

The dialogs included in this extention are:

You must link with both the WixUIExtension and this WIX extension.

Using the Dialogs
To use the dialogs you add UI references to the dialogs you wish to use then include them in the dialog sequence.
        <!-- CommonU UI Dialogs-->
        <DialogRef Id="ServiceCredDlg" />
        <DialogRef Id="GenericErrorDlg" />
        <!-- UIExtension Dialogs-->
        <DialogRef Id="WelcomeDlg"/>
        <DialogRef Id="VerifyReadyDlg"/>
        <DialogRef Id="ErrorDlg" />
        <DialogRef Id="FatalError" />
        <DialogRef Id="FilesInUse" />
        <DialogRef Id="UserExit" />

        <Publish Dialog="WelcomeDlg" Control="Next" Event="NewDialog" Value="ServiceCredDlg">NOT Installed</Publish>
        <Publish Dialog="ServiceCredDlg" Control="Next" Event="NewDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">NOT Installed</Publish>
        <Publish Dialog="ServiceCredDlg" Control="Back" Event="NewDialog" Value="WelcomeDlg">NOT Installed</Publish>

        <Publish Dialog="VerifyReadyDlg" Control="Back" Event="NewDialog" Value="RuntimeDbCredDlg">NOT Installed</Publish>

        <Publish Dialog="ExitDialog" Control="Back" Event="EndDialog" Value="VerifyReadyDlg">1</Publish>
        <Publish Dialog="ExitDialog" Control="Finish" Event="EndDialog" Value="Return" Order="999">1</Publish>

For a complete example see Common UI Demo

Text Styles
The extension provides the following text styles.
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Font_Normal" FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" />
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Font_Bigger" FaceName="Tahoma" Size="12" />
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Font_Title"  FaceName="Tahoma" Size="9" Bold="yes" />
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Bold"        FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" Bold="yes" />
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Italic"      FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" Italic="yes" />
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_Underlined"  FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" Underline="yes" />
<TextStyle Id="WixUI_ErrorStyle"  FaceName="Tahoma" Size="8" Bold="yes" Red="180" />
Overriding Images
The banner and welcome/end dialog background images included in the extension are the generic WixUI images. You can override them by setting two WIX variables to point to your own images.
<WixVariable Id="WixUIBannerBmp" Value="bitmaps\banner.bmp" />
<WixVariable Id="WixUIDialogBmp" Value="bitmaps\dialog.bmp" />

The banner image should be 498x53 pixels and the dialog image should be 493x312 pixels.

Prompts for service credentials. Properties:
  • SERVICE_LOGON_TYPE one of ServiceAccount or ServiceLocalSystem.
  • SERVICE_LOGON_BROWSE show the Browse button.
  • SERVICE_USERNAME service username or blank if LocalSystem.
  • SERVICE_PASSWORD service password or blank if LocalSystem.
  • SERVICE_DISPLAY_USERNAME service username or LocalSystem if SERVICE_LOGON_TYPE = ServiceLocalSystem.
  • SERVICE_REQUIRE_ADMIN if this property is set, the dialog will require the user specified to be in the administrators group.
If a windows user is selected, then SERVICE_USERNAME and SERVICE_PASSWORD will be verified in Active Directory. The dialog will also check for the logon as service privilege.
Prompts for a port number. Properties:
  • PORTNUMBER port number entered by the user. The dialog will verify that the port is valid and available.
CURRENTPORTNUMBERoptional current port number, in use, that should not be checked. This is useful for upgrades when the service is currently running on a given port.

  • HOSTNAME hostname or IP address of the host to check the port on.
Prompts for database location. Also pre-populates the list of available SQL servers via DMO. Properties:
  • DATABASE_SERVER database server (for MSSQL)
  • ODBC_SERVER database server suitable for ODBC-based custom actions (for MSSQL)
Prompts for runtime database credentials. Properties:
  • RUNTIME_DATABASE_LOGON_TYPE one of WinAuth or SqlAuth
  • RUNTIME_DATABASE_USERNAME database username (with SqlAuth)
  • RUNTIME_DATABASE_PASSWORD database password (with SqlAuth)
  • SERVICE_USERNAME (read only) database password (with WinAuth)
  • SERVICE_PASSWORD (read only) database username (with WinAuth)
  • DATABASE_NAME (read only) The dialog will check that the specified user has permission to this database
You must specify the RUNTIME_DATABASE_LOGIN_TYPE to use this dialog.
Prompts for database creation credentials. Properties:
  • CREATE_DATABASE_LOGON_TYPE one of WinAuthCurrentUser or SqlAuth
  • CHECK_CREATE_DATABASE_PERMS yes/no to check permissions to create database
  • CREATE_DATABASE_USERNAME database username (with SqlAuth)
  • CREATE_DATABASE_PASSWORD database password (with SqlAuth)
  • SERVICE_USERNAME (read only) database username (with WinAuthServiceUser)
  • SERVICE_PASSWORD (read only) database password (with WinAuthServiceUser)
You must specify the CREATE_DATABASE_LOGON_TYPE and CHECK_CREATE_DATABASE_PERMS to use this dialog.
Popup dialog for displaying a custom error message. Properties:
  • ERROR_TITLE Title of the error message box.
  • ERROR_MESSAGE Custom error message to display.
Here are all the localized texts.
<String Id="ServiceDlg_Header" Overridable="yes">[ProductName] Setup</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_Title" Overridable="yes">{\WixUI_Font_Title}Service Log On Credentials</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_SubTitle" Overridable="yes">Please provide the Windows Service account for the service.</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_BannerBitmap" Overridable="yes">WixUI_Bmp_Banner</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_Description" Overridable="yes">[ProductName] installs and runs as an independent Windows service.  To operate in this manner, you must supply the user account credentials for [ProductName] to run successfully.</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_LocalSystemText" Overridable="yes">Run service as LocalSystem</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_AccountText" Overridable="yes">Run service as:</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_UsernameLabel" Overridable="yes">Account:</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_UsernameBrowse" Overridable="yes">&amp;Browse ...</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_PasswordLabel" Overridable="yes">Password:</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_AccountTestLabel" Overridable="yes">&amp;Test Credentials</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_TestPrompt" Overridable="yes">Click 'Test Credentials' button to proceed</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_InvalidLogonError" Overridable="yes">Invalid user account or password.</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_CannotValidateWarning" Overridable="yes">{\WixUI_ErrorStyle}WARNING:</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_CannotValidateWarningText" Overridable="yes">Service credentials cannot be completely validated because you don't have required privileges to run validation. The installer will proceed and assume that provided credentials are valid.</String>
<String Id="ServiceDlg_AccountDoesNotHaveLogonAsServiceRights" Overridable="yes">This account does not have logon as a service right or account privileges could not be obtained.</String>

<String Id="ServicePortDlg_Header" Overridable="yes">[ProductName] Setup</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_Title" Overridable="yes">{\WixUI_Font_Title}Port Selection</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_SubTitle" Overridable="yes">Choose a port.</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_Description" Overridable="yes">Please choose a port.</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_PortNumberLabel" Overridable="yes">Port Number (1-65535):</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_Recomendation" Overridable="yes">It is recommended that you accept the selected default port.</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_TestPortLabel" Overridable="yes">Test Port</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_TestPrompt" Overridable="yes">Click 'Test Port' button to proceed</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_ErrorTitle" Overridable="yes">Invalid Information</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_InvalidPortMessage" Overridable="yes">You must enter a valid port value.</String>
<String Id="ServicePortDlg_TestPortFailedMessage" Overridable="yes">Failed to bind to port:</String>

<String Id="InvalidLoginError_Title">Invalid Login</String>

<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_Header" Overridable="yes">[ProductName] Setup</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_Title" Overridable="yes">{\WixUI_Font_Title}Database Run Time Credentials</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_SubTitle" Overridable="yes">Please enter credentials to connect to the database.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_BannerBitmap" Overridable="yes">WixUI_Bmp_Banner</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_Description1" Overridable="yes">[ProductName] must be able to connect to its database to function correctly.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_Description" Overridable="yes">The user supplied here will be used to access the [ProductName] database on [DATABASE_SERVER] at runtime.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_IntegratedAuth" Overridable="yes">Windows Authentication (using '[SERVICE_DISPLAY_USERNAME]' Windows Service account)</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_PasswordAuth" Overridable="yes">SQL Authentication</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_UsernameLabel" Overridable="yes">Login:</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_UsernameBrowse" Overridable="yes">&amp;Browse ...</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_TestConnectionLabel" Overridable="yes">&amp;Test Connection</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_PasswordLabel" Overridable="yes">Password:</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_WindowsAuthNotAvailable" Overridable="yes">Note: Windows Authentication is not available for connecting to the remote database when [ProductName] service is running as Local System.  Please specify SQL credentials.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_WindowsAuthRecommendation" Overridable="yes">We highly recommend using Windows Authentication as the preferred choice for database connections.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_NoRequiredPermissions" Overridable="yes">The user does not have required permissions (select, insert, update) in [ProductName] Database.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_CannotTestConnectionForLocalSystem" Overridable="yes">*Cannot test Windows Authentication when LocalSystem is selected.</String>
<String Id="RuntimeDbCredDlg_TestPrompt" Overridable="yes">Click 'Test Connection' button to proceed</String>

<String Id="SelectDbDlg_Title" Overridable="yes">{\WixUI_Font_Title}[ProductName] repository</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_SubTitle" Overridable="yes">Select database server location.</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_Description" Overridable="yes">Please select the database server from the drop-down list below.  Alternatively, you can also specify it by typing it as "hostname\instance" (e.g. myserver\myinstance) or "hostname:port" (e.g. myserver:1833).</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_ServerLabel" Overridable="yes">Database Instance:</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_DbBrowse" Overridable="yes">&amp;Browse ...</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_InvalidSyntax" Overridable="yes">Invalid server syntax: [DATABASE_SERVER]</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_EmptyServer" Overridable="yes">Please enter or select database server first</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_Header" Overridable="yes">[ProductName] Setup</String>
<String Id="SelectDbDlg_BannerBitmap" Overridable="yes">WixUI_Bmp_Banner</String>

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